What is RevOps?

How to build a revenue growth machine that accelerates sales cycles, improves win rates and creates a predictable revenue model

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How to establish a RevOps team

Discover opportunities at risk faster with real-time trends and engagement insights.

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How to build a revenue machine

How to use data to drive decision making and seamless collaboration

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How to measure success 

Achieving complete visibility across all teams and laying the foundations for predictable revenue growth

Discover actionable insights to improve sales performance

Revenue Operations (otherwise known as RevOps) aligns the functions of marketing, sales and customer success across the customer lifecycle in order to drive revenue growth. This is the practice of integrating teams, technology, and strategy to build a revenue machine.

Traditionally, each department operates in isolation, with each reporting into their own head of department. This often results in goals, tools, and priorities differing across departments, leading to a lack of cohesion, poor visibility, and no unified direction.

Bringing each department together under the umbrella of Revenue Operations closes the gaps across the customer lifecycle, and creates a unified direction for each to strive towards. Data, processes, and technology underpin each function, providing complete visibility and accountability across each team.

With everyone focused on a single goal, and with data fuelling insights to provide confidence in every decision, this ultimately lays the foundation for a revenue growth machine.

In this eBook you will learn;

  • What is RevOps, where has it come from, and why is it now redefining funnel
  • How to structure your go-to-market teams with RevOps at the core
  • What are the 6 pillars of RevOps, and how do they supercharge the revenue machine
  • How to measure success and what key performance indicators (KPIs) to track
  • How to build your own revenue machine
  • How to avoid common mistakes to get your machine up and running as soon as possible

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